Makaio Maher

When Makaio Maher built his first timber frame in 1997, he found a craft that would become his life’s work.

Having grown up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Makaio’s sense of the landscape and affinity for the beauty of local wood, as well as his experience with stone masonry and blacksmithing could all be brought together to build one of a kind homes. Makaio’s first timber frame company started in 2001 with family and friends. He has continued to develop his expertise as a contractor ever since, establishing Green Timber Works LLC in 2009. His home and workshop are in Glover, Vermont where he lives with his wife and two children in a home built in 1830 that they have restored over many years. The workshop was constructed from timbers harvested on and near the property with walls built from straw bales and clay. When he is not wrapped up in his work, Makaio enjoys traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking, spending time by the water, and an occasional axe throwing tournament.